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Welcome to Guestbook Depot


There was a problem on the server that was causing a significant slowdown while accessing guestbooks. The cause has been found, and it is in the process of being fixed. There may be slowdowns or outages while it is being fixed, but it should be taken care of shortly.

Signing Back Online

I apologize for the delay with getting guestbook signing working again. As many of you know, there were significant problems with spammers accessing and signing the guestbooks. I have added a requirement that a key be sent with the guestbooks for both viewing and signing. This unfortunately requires that you replace the coding on your home page with new coding. Until you setup the new coding, your guestbook links will take you directly to the login page. You MUST login to access your new coding. I will not send passwords to people who do not have access to them, so please don’t ask. I understand that this step denies access to people who no longer have their passwords, but part of the point is removing guestbooks that are out of control. Once you login, you will be taken directly to the new code. Please replace the coding on your home page as soon as possible. This is a first step in modernizing this service and taking control of it back from the spammers.

Why should I pick a Guestbook Depot guestbook?

They’re Free

As long as you don’t mind having ads on your page, Guestbook Depot guestbooks are completely free. Please note that if you are worried about a competitor’s ad appearing on your site, I suggest using a paid service without ads. I do not make any warranties about the content of the ads. An enhanced guestbook will soon be available without ads for a small yearly fee.

Easy Installation

Guestbook Depot guestbooks are easy to install. How easy? Just fill in a simple form with your email address and a password, and you will get code emailed to you to put in your web page. Once you paste the code into your page, just click the “configure guestbook” link in your guestbook, setup your guestbook the way you like it, and you’re done. You don’t need any complicated CGI or database access from your ISP.

Easy to Use

All Guestbook Depot guestbooks are setup through a simple web interface. There are no complicated configuration files to edit. You can easily modify the colors or graphics in your guestbook. You can also easily remove entries that you do not want.

It’s More Secure

If you install a guestbook script on your site, you could be taking a chance of a hacker taking over your server or destroying your site. Since Guestbook Depot guestbooks are hosted on my server, your site is not at risk from errors in the guestbook program. We use dedicated hosting servers provided by our friends at One Flare.